Spouse Visa

A spouse visa is granted to the spouse of an Afghan national wishing to visit Afghanistan. Spouse visas are issued for a period of 3 months with a single entry and 30 days stay within that period. All visas for Afghanistan are only issued on valid passports. We do not issue visas for travel document holders.

How to Apply

In Person

Prepare the required documents

What documents you need to apply

Duly completed and signed Visa Application Form | For Visa Application Form, Click Here

One standard passport size photo

Valid Passport

Proof of Address

Photocopy of the Afghan partner’s passport or Tazkera

Marriage certificate or their child’s birth certificate indicating both parent’s names (if applicable)

Applicant’s personal statement describing the purpose of the journey. The statement should also indicate that the applicant is aware of the risks involved in travelling to Afghanistan. 

Invitation letter from Afghanistan (if applicable)


Exempt (Single entry visa, valid for 3 months with 30-day stay)

Processing Time

Seven working days

Contact Us

Email – visa@afghanembassy.se


Important Information

Spouse visas are fee exempt provided that all documents are submitted. In the case of missing documents (lack of Marriage certificate or child’s birth certificate) the applicant can apply for a visit/tourist visa. The validity of the visa begins from the issue date.

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