Statement of the Coordination Council of Diplomatic and Consular Missions of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan On the 104th Anniversary of the Restoration of Afghanistan’s Independence

The Coordination Council of the Diplomatic and Consular Missions of the Islamic Republic of
Afghanistan extends its warmest felicitations to the heroic people of Afghanistan on our nation’s
National Day – Independence Day.
One hundred and four years ago today, under the leadership of King Amanullah Khan, Afghanistan
achieved a historic feat in gaining independence and establishing itself as a free and independent
nation in the international community.
This historic achievement was made possible by the joint struggle of the entire Afghan nation in a
spirit of national unity, and has been a source of great pride for millions of our fellow compatriots
of several generations for more than a century.
As a constitutional reformist, King Amanullah introduced several reforms to modernize
Afghanistan and proclaimed a constitution guaranteeing fundamental freedoms and equal rights
for all Afghans.
Since gaining independence, Afghanistan has remained committed to the very core principles of
the UN Charter; advancing and ensuring a safe, peaceful and harmonious world order, based on
the principles of respect for the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of all states and
peaceful co-existence.
In the past several decades, our people have stood front and center in the struggle against two of
the defining challenges of the past half-century.
Millions of Afghans sacrificed their lives in defense of the values of freedom, liberty, human rights
and the right to self-determination. Our people demonstrated their belief and more importantly,
their real commitment to these noble values, which are also part of the tenets of Islam. They did
so not just in words, but through deeds and a degree of sacrifice that is seldom seen in the history
of humanity.
Regrettably, our people haven’t been able to reap the full benefits of their historic struggle and
sacrifice for the values and objectives which are often referred to as the underlying foundation for
global peace, stability and security.
In this regard, owing to external factors, our people have been subject to incessant conflict, crises
and instability that have brought about immense suffering and hardship upon them over the past
several decades.

Today, following two-decades of our genuine collaboration and partnership with the international
community in combatting terrorism and violent extremism, and the advancement of democracy,
and two years after the forced takeover of the Taliban, our people, once again, face a political,
security and humanitarian crisis that continues to deepen. If left unresolved, this crisis will
continue to have negative ramifications not just in Afghanistan, but also beyond.
In spite of the current situation, the people of Afghanistan stand defiant and confident in being
able to overcome this latest challenge with the same spirit of unity, courage and determination that
they have always shown in moments of great challenge and tribulation.
Moreover, it is evident benefiting from and taking joy in the real essence of independence, freedom
and liberty will only be possible when the people’s aspirations for self-determination and real
peace in a united and democratic Afghanistan, home to all citizens of the country, is ensured.
In this regard, this Independence Day is a significant occasion to highlight the importance of
enhanced unity among our people, as well as the international community’s support for our
people’s continued struggle to overcome the current crisis and achieve their national aspirations
through an inclusive, representative and accountable system that’s based on and reflects their will.

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